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01 - 12 - 2018

Recruitment of employees with disabilities to Vocational Development Centre in Juchowo

Recruitment of employees with disabilities to Vocational Development Centre Karłowski Foundation announces the recruitment of employees with disabilities ready to take up a job in Vocational Development Centre in Juchowo.

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JUCHOWO farm / About us

The idea of creating a Rural Project, based on biodynamic agriculture, refers to the series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 in estate Koberwitz (now Kobierzyce) near Wrocław.

Biodynamic agriculture is associated with cultural and agrarian development, aimed at restoring soil fertility in the context of social trespass. This is the keynote of the Rural Project run in three villages Juchowo, Radacz and Kądzielna. Juchowo Farm has been pursuing above goals since 2000.




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Biodynamic agriculture in Juchowo operates in a closed cycle

cows receive feed produced on our farm. Manure is composted, and the compost fertilizes our fields.

Juchowo Farm - Fundacja im. St. Karłowskiego
Fundacja im. Stanisława Karłowskiego Juchowo 54 A, 78-446 Silnowo
Spółka Rolnicza Juchowo Sp. z o.o. Juchowo 54 A, 78-446 Silnowo
tel.: 94 375 3821 fax: 94 375 3822
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GPS: N 53 St.40' 37.7292" E 16 St.29' 27.0924"

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