Social and training centre


 Foundation’s Social and Training Centre was established as a base necessary for:

  • dissemination of the biodynamic method of running our farm,
  • developing the Foundation's activities in the area of education,
  • education of children, youth and students,
  • providing the appropriate standards for employees of the Rural Project.

At the same time, this centre promotes healthy ecological nutrition through organic catering offered to schools and individuals, organization of family celebrations at the farm and cooking workshops based on farm products.

The Centre can serve individual clients and organized groups.

Material resources:

  • food and beverage facilities: kitchen with dining / receptions room
  • training facilities: 3 seminar rooms, including the library room with the book collection
  • accommodation: 11 rooms for 48 persons (2/6 persons rooms)
  • meadow with a place for campsite, with sanitary facilities, playground and camp fire

Scope of Centre’s activities:

  1. Service activities (food and accommodation) for employees / school groups / guests
  • offer of organic meals for employees of the Rural Project and cooperating entities
  • catering (including organic sandwiches for schools)
  • support for training participants, conferences, trainees, volunteers, etc.
  • service of Open Days on our farm
  1. Organization of training and educational classes:
  • promotion of biodynamic agriculture,
  • educational workshops promoting healthy nutrition, ecology and environmental protection
  • seminars on environmental and social issues
  1. Organization of special and cultural events


OUR Products

Biodynamic agriculture in Juchowo operates in a closed cycle

cows receive feed produced on our farm. Manure is composted, and the compost fertilizes our fields.

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