Environmental protection

The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity is the base of human and animal welfare. Our actions to protect natural resources and agricultural work are therefore interrelated in a way that enables a sustainable impact, both, on the landscape and the agricultural sphere. Thanks to the shaping of water landscapes and the restoration of natural water management, we counteract the area to become more arid. The existing drainage system is maintained and extended. With the help of locks and ditches, we can adjust the water level if necessary.

On the fields, we plant numerous hedges with various species of edible fruit, single trees, and cultivate the existing trees. This creates a microclimate that protects against wind erosion and extreme weather conditions. At the same time, there is a place of refuge for many species of birds, insects, amphibians and wild plants.

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5.000 meters of drainage and 4 new locks and 9,200 m of ditches 20 lakes and ponds 2.000 meters of planted hedges with species of fruit bushes (wild rose, hawthorn, black elder) 5.000 planted fruit trees (apple trees, cherries, wild pear trees) and deciduous trees (including birch, hornbeam, hazel, linden, beech, oak)

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Biodynamic agriculture in Juchowo operates in a closed cycle

cows receive feed produced on our farm. Manure is composted, and the compost fertilizes our fields.

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