Activities for disabled people

From December 2018 on our farm we have launched Vocational Development Centre for disabled persons.

Vocational Development Centre conducts production and service activities in the area of organic agriculture and processing. It operates on the principles of cooperation with entities functioning within Rural Project run by Karłowski Foundation.

Vocational Development Centre in Juchowo combines work, social and rehabilitation activities of people with disabilities in order to prepare them for life in a regular environment through:

  • employing people with a marked and moderate degree of disability
  • vocational, social and medical rehabilitation of the disabled employees
  • preparing employees with disabilities for independent, autonomous and active life
  • supporting personal development
  • activities integrating people with disabilities with the local community
  • creating a positive image of employees with disabilities.

 Organic farming: herbal and fruit garden in accordance with nature

Cultivation of healing herbs, spices and fruit shrubs. The employees cultivate crops and harvest crops by hand. The garden is run according with the biodynamic calendar.

Organic processing: herbs, fruits and vegetables

We process raw materials only to the necessary extent. Our processing aims to preserve the high quality of biological raw materials based on traditional mechanical, physical and fermentation methods.

Organic bakery

In the bakery breads are baked on a base of sourdough and flour from ancient cereal species, among others spelt and Einkorn wheat. The processes are carried out naturally, without acceleration. In addition to bread, we bake, among others spelt cookies and produce pasta.


In winter the employees produce handicrafts from natural raw materials: wicker, wood, wax and paper. Wicker basket or wax candle can make a nice gift.

Green area care services and cleaning works

The employees have a real influence on shaping the agricultural landscape and environmental protection. They take care of lawns and flower beds on the Foundation's premises as well as cultivate hedges between the fields.

 Vocational Development Centre prepares people with disabilities to work as:

  • gardener / herbs collector
  • landscape gardener
  • baker's assistant
  • food processing worker

Vocational Development Centre for people with disabilities is a chance to:

  • increase of knowledge, skills and experience
  • broadening social contacts
  • increased sense of self-worth, self-reliance and independence
  • employment in the open labour market

Commercial offer of Vocational Development Centre:

  • dried herbs and fruits from our own garden
  • mixture of dried vegetables
  • herbal and herbal-fruit teas
  • traditional sourdough bread
  • biscuits and pasta with the addition of herbs and vegetables
  • beverages: juices, syrups, herbal extracts
  • fruit and vegetable preserves, including preserves, marinades, vegetable sauces
  • handicraft
  • care services for green areas

When you are buying products and services of Vocational Development Centre:

  • you confirm the sense of usefulness and value of employees with disabilities
  • you support their personal development
  • you give a chance to change the perception of their capabilities and functioning

Recruitment of employees with disabilities to Vocational Development Centre

Karłowski Foundation announces the recruitment of employees with disabilities ready to take up a job in Vocational Development Centre in Juchowo.

For more information about recruitment, recruitment leaflet and application form see below.

Organic farming: herbal and fruit garden in accordance with nature

Organic processing: herbs, fruits and vegetables 

Organic bakery 


Green area care services and cleaning works


OUR Products

Biodynamic agriculture in Juchowo operates in a closed cycle

cows receive feed produced on our farm. Manure is composted, and the compost fertilizes our fields.

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