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A cultural place in the countryside

The idea of creating a Rural Project, based on biodynamic agriculture, refers to the series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 in estate Koberwitz (now Kobierzyce) near Wrocław. Biodynamic agriculture is associated with cultural and agrarian development, aimed at restoring soil fertility in the context of social trespass. This is the keynote of the Rural Project run in three villages Juchowo, Radacz and Kądzielna. Juchowo Farm has been pursuing above goals since 2000.

 Karlowski Foundation (Fundacja im. Stanisława Karłowskiego)

Stanisław Karłowski, 1879-1939, senator in the inter-war period, since 1931 a pioneer of biodynamic agriculture in Poland.

Foundation has its headquarters in Juchowo near Szczecinek, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The Foundation is a legal entity running Rural Project and has the status of a public benefit organization. It is the owner of land (1.900 ha of which 1.600 ha of cultivated area), animals, buildings and machinery, which guarantees biodynamic management and prevents any property misappropriation in the future. All individual Rural Project initiatives have a contractual relationship with the Foundation and strive to create economic value. When implementing its statutory objectives, the Foundation cooperates with numerous public and legal organizations.


Areas of activity and future

In the future, the project will create a model research and development farm for Central and Eastern Europe, dealing mainly with research and all issues related to biodynamic and ecological farming. It also will provide education and training for people working on biodynamic farms and in the field of natural environment. We propose numerous educational and thematic offers as part of out-of-school education for children and youth, and we organize workshops for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Pupils and students can do internships with us.

We cordially invit you to visite our farm!

 Film directed by Bertram Verhaag (52 minutes)

 With Dr Günter Postler, Martin Ertl, Richard Haneberg, Sebastian Kögelsperger, Wilhelm Bertram, Sebastiaan Huisman and Monika Liberacka

Not only cows are happy when they are raised in a natural way according to the requirements of their species, without the use of high-energy food and medicaments. Bertram Verhaag in his film shows that the farmers, as well as the final consumers are happy, when more and more farmers work according to the guidelines of natural cattle breeding of Prof. Dr Frederik Bakels.

Certainly, anyone who admires these beautiful and picturesque images shown in this film, will like cows and discover their beauty. Owners and breeders of these happy cows assess animals in terms of their life efficiency, and not according to their short-term achievements. Thanks to this approach, cows live much longer, give birth to more calves and enjoy good health. They produce healthy, valuable and easily digestible milk from hay and grass and don’t need environmentally harmful soy-based feed. Dr Günter Postler in the film presents the European pilot program run by him in Juchowo Farm, where the largest herds of cows are kept in a natural way, appropriate to the animal type.

OUR Products

Biodynamic agriculture in Juchowo operates in a closed cycle

cows receive feed produced on our farm. Manure is composted, and the compost fertilizes our fields.

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